How to become a JEEZBE member?

The user has the choice between registering with his Facebook account or providing personal information to create an account on JEEZBE.
Once registration has been validated, a confirmation email is sent to the address indicated with a validation link.

Why provide my ID?

When registering, the member is required to provide a piece of identification that confirms all the information provided. This procedure allows us to prevent against fraud attempts, and thus guarantee the transparency of the platform and its community.
JEEZBE to keep your personal information confidential, and agrees not to share it in any case.

How does the pot system work?

Any member registered on the site and being part of the community of JEEZBE has the right to appeal to a collection for the purchase of his gift. Once the object is chosen, the beneficiary shares his wish with the community. Each member can then contribute to this prize pool up to 15 euros.
Once the amount is reached, the beneficiary receives a notification and a code that allows him to access his kitty.

What are the possible means of payment?

The contribution to the kitty can be done through several payment methods, including credit card, electronic wallets of PayPal and other types, or gift vouchers.

Who are JEEZBE partners?

To facilitate the task, JEEZBE has chosen to link with several partners, to allow you to benefit from promotional and exclusive offers, but also a platform gathering all the products that correspond to your research and come from several sources.

How to join the community?

Any user can become a member of the JEEZBE community by registering directly on the site. For this he must create a profile by filling in his name, first name, date of birth, photo, address and his email.

How to present my gift?

The user makes a complete presentation of the gift of his dreams, evaluates the price of the gift whose maximum value will be 200 euros, publishes it and invites the community to share his wish.

When can I create my kitty?

All JEEZBE members have the right to create a prize pool for their gifts. The collection can be launched once the gift described to the community. This action must be done within 3 months before the anniversary date. Any creation beyond this time will be blocked by our system.

Can I create a kitty for another person?

JEEZBE members can create a kitty for a third party if it is a minor. In this case, both pieces of identity must be provided as proof. A description of the person and their gift must also be shared with the community to ensure the transparency of the collection.

How can I use my kitty?

Once the collection is complete, we unblock the funds raised to allow you to buy your gift. You will then have the choice to recover your collection or spend it on the site of one of our partners.

How to protect my user space?

To prevent fraudulent attempts, we advise you to:
- Change your password regularly
- Check often the last connection
- Connect using secure computers
- Disconnect after each session.

How to report a fraud case?

In case you doubt the good will of a member of the community, or you find any breach of the present conditions, you can write us directly by going to the contact section of this site.