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Be made offer the birthday present of your dreams

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How It Works ?

I Create My Kitty

I describe to the community the gift of maximum 100'000 XAF that I would like for my birthday in the partner sites, and share it to my friends

The Community Participates

Thanks to Jeezbe's secure payment system, the community contributes up to a maximum of 5'000 XAF per person

I Get My Gift

Funds raised are unlocked on my birthday! I can thank those who helped me!

Their birthdays arrive


Jeemosa - Khama Ghani Sa

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Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Raised FCF 3030.00 5.05%

5.05% Complete
FCF 60000.00


4 Backers

Till Pledge Amount Achieved


Abstract Painting

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New York, NY, United States

Raised FCF 55.00 0.22%

0.22% Complete
FCF 25000.00


2 Backers

0 days left

Demo Pot

This is the Pot


Raised FCF 15.00 1.5%

1.5% Complete
FCF 1000.00


2 Backers

0 days left

About Jeezbe

Jeezbe is the first community platform to help the needy get the birthday present of their dreams!

Thanks to its network of partners, Jeezbe has been doing everything since 2017 to help its active community express their generosity in the simplest and most transparent way!

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